When love goes bad, it can bring out the worst in everybody. Feelings get hurt, and generosity evaporates.

In this week's Couples Court case, a prospective bridegroom's generosity might've been a little over the top, but his now ex-fiancee doesn't think that's her fault.

See what you think ...


Dear Rik and Michele:

My ex-fiance offered me a $125,000 engagement ring when he proposed -- but then things went south. A few months ago we decided to cancel our wedding plans.

He then asked me to return the ring. I refused, but now he's suing me!

He gave me the ring with no strings, so I don't see any reason why he should expect it back. He offered it with no guarantees that the relationship would work out.

What do you think? Should I give him back the ring or fight it out in court?


Well, he did GIVE her the ring to ask for her hand ... but on the other hand, that's a LOTTA money! Tough call, Bull Pen, but what do we think?