Growing up as a country music fan in Yakima has its perks.  I don’t think we realize how lucky we are to have such great venues across Washington that play host to every country tour in North America. We have the Gorge in George, White River Amphitheater, Safeco Field, Qwest field, and my favorite The Yakima Valley Sundome.

I can remember as a kid spending all my money getting tickets to the Brooks n Dunn Neon Circus and Wild West show.

I literally spent all the money I had on tickets to see Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn play all of their awesome tunes at the Gorge in George.  One of my favorite Brooks n Dunn songs at the time was “Only in America” from their Steers and Stripes album.  I would listen to that song over and over, and every time I heard the line “One kid dreams of fame and fortune (Me), one kid helps pay the rent (My brother), one could end up going to prison (My Brother), one just might be President (Me)”

I would think of my brother and I, and how lucky we are to have the freedom to live in a country where these things can actually happen. Hell, some of them did end up happening (No I have never been to Prison....well I take that back, I did get a tour once.) I digress, now I may not be President yet, but Mayor of the eighth largest city in the state (Yakima, WA pop. 91,067) is not too bad. To this day I still love that song, and it will inspire me to pursue my dream.

When management informed me that 92.9 The Bull would host one of the first solo Ronnie Dunn performances in the country, I was stoked to say the least.  The fact is Ronnie Dunn, who has one of the most unique voices in Country music today chose Yakima, WA and the Sundome to try out his new tour.  That speaks volumes about us die hard country fans that listen to 92.9 The Bull. As the old saying goes, all good things must come to and end. That is a very true statement, but I never thought in my lifetime that Kix and Ronnie would part ways especially after 20 years together.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for both artists realizing that they had Dunn it all and won it all and it’s time for a new chapter to be written for both men.

And to think that we are invited to be a part of Ronnie’s first solo tour right here in Yakima is just plain AWESOME.  I always hear there’s nothing to do in Yakima, and that may be true on some weekends, but not on July 21st at 7pm when Ronnie Dunn takes the stage of the Sundome all by himself. Its guaranteed to be one hell of a show.

I can’t wait to see the new Ronnie and hear all the Brooks n Dunn hits that I still love to this day.  Don’t miss it July 21st 7PM at the Sundome. Click the link to purchase tickets.....I did!

Ronnie Dunn is more than just the first-ever solo album by one of country music’s most beloved artists -- a man who’s already learned a thing or two about being a singer in a cowboy band. As familiar as his winning voice has become, Ronnie Dunn has only now taken the time to explore once and for all his own powerful voice as a brand new solo artist. And as Dunn himself notes with a laugh, “I have to say, I’m sure enjoying feeling ‘new’ all over again.” From Ronnie Dunn dot com