What's going on?

Are CDs DOA?
With Best Buy -- and maybe Target -- getting out of the CD business, the old-schoolers among us might have to change our buying habits.
Do You Know a Celebrity Look-a-like?
I don't see the resemblance. Tony has brown eyes, Gunner has blue eyes. Tony has thick dark brown hair. Gunner has light brown hair, which is thin.
Is It Time for Waterbeds to Make a Comeback? [POLL]
I remember growing up that I wanted a waterbed soooo bad, but my mom wouldn't let me have one because they were too expensive. Plus, they are difficult to take care of, not to mention a pain to move.
Where Can You Get a Homemade Cherry Pie in Yakima?
My grandma would make me wait until the pie had some time to "settle." That way it wasn't runny when we cut into it. This seemed like torture, but once my grandma cut me a piece of that cherry pie it was a slice of heaven!