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98 Degrees is Back ... and So Is My Youth!
I grew up loving and listening to the boy bands, New Kids On The Block, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees. So when they tour and roll through our area, I jump at the chance to relive my winged Aqua Net hair days.
What's Your Favorite Movie? Can You Narrow It to One?
Florida Georgia Line's Tyler Hubbard recently told US Weekly that he has two favorite movies. It's a tie between "Dumb and Dumber" and "Wedding Crashers." It's difficult to narrow down my favorite movies to just two
How Do You Get Your Kids to Sleep?
I wasn't about to go all "mom crazy" or "mom shame" my friend because I've been where she is -- at your breaking point, thinking no one understands what you're going through or that no can help.
What Advice Would You Give a 2018 Grad?
Us older folks seem to like to dispense advice to those graduating. Maybe it's because we don't want them to make the same mistakes we did -- or maybe we just want better for them.