Can You Still Find Silly Putty In Yakima?
When I was a kid, one of my favorite things was to get the comics section of the newspaper and use my Silly Putty on it. Just in case you have no idea what Silly Putty is, it's almost like gum except, you don't eat it, you play with it. Mashing it on a colorful newspaper or magaz…
Toddler Eats Too Much Food and in Adorable Video
Although we may not know the name of this baby, this three and a half-year-old child contemplates all of the food items they ate while doing his business in the bathroom as Mommy and Daddy from DefinitiveBabySign record the conversation through the door.
Boy Had Toy Lodged Up Nose for Three Years
Little kids like to stick things inside their mouths, ears and noses. From toy soldiers and toy cars, to carrot sticks, pencils, crayons and more, some curious toddler somewhere has jammed it down his gullet or into his nose.

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