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What’s Your Favorite Pop-Tart Flavor?
Limited edition food seems to be all the rage lately. From a Unicorn Frappicino to watermelon Oreos to biscuit-and-gravy potato chips.
Now Pop-Tarts have jumped on the limited edition bandwagon with Jolly Rancher-flavored Pop-Tarts. You can choose watermelon, green apple or cherry flavor.
Shouldn’t You Take Off Your Hat When You Go Indoors?
A recent White House photo has not only me, but several others asking a question: Aren't you supposed to take off your hat inside? Not to mention that it's the White House of all places! Isn't it a matter of respect for the office? Or just a matter of respect in general?
Not according to some of Pres…
How Will You Spend Your Tax Refund?
Today is Tax Day, the deadline to file your federal income taxes. Those of us who wait until today to file usually know that we are going to have to pay money to the IRS.
You can also file an extension.
If you are one of the lucky folks who are getting some money back from the IRS, what are you spendi…
Do Voice Mails Need to Be Personalized? [POLL]
Due to my job I make a lot of phone calls, and one thing that stands out to me is voice mails.
What about voice mails, you ask? Well ... more and more of them seem to not be personalized. Is this too much to ask? I mean to the point there isn't even a name recorded. You know ... you get the robo…
Do You Care If Taylor Swift’s New Album Is Country? [Poll]
Rumors are swirling that Taylor Swift is in Nashville recording her next album, which may lean country this go-round.
I LOVE me some Taylor Swift whether she's country or pop. Her songs either take me back to my first heartbreak or remind me to shake off the haters.
So for me, I'm super excited to hea…

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