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What’s The Most Recent Photo On Your Phone?
How can someone take 6,000 selfies while on a four-day vacation? Well ... if you're Kim Kardashian you can.
That made me look back at the pictures in my own phone to see when I took a photo last -- let alone a selfie.
I snapped this picture the other day of my son's bed with three of ou…
Rocks Are Rolling All Over Yakima These Days!
Last week, I mentioned how I kept seeing rocks popping up in my Facebook news feed.
I had discovered Yakima Valley Rocks. You can check out what it's about and how it works here.
Then I found these two little gems when I strolled into work this morning...
First Day of School Is The Toughest … On Moms, Anyway
Today was the first day of middle school for my baby, Shaylee. Little Shaylee is officially a fifth-grader at Naches Valley Middle School, complete with a locker.
Jackson is in seventh grade, which means seventh- and eighth-grade dances. Yikes!
Yes ... I cried when I left Shaylee.

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