Aug. 3 Is National Watermelon Day — Top 4 Recipes
It is going to be another hot one in Central Washington -- maybe 100 degrees. And the perfect food for a day this hot is watermelon!
So maybe it's no coincidence that Aug. 3 happens to be National Watermelon Day. Either way, I have a few watermelon recipes that'll be perfect -- no matter ho…
Salad Days: Watermelon Salad is Back on the Menu in Yakima
Watermelon salad is back, but I've only found two restaurants in Yakima that serve the sweet and tangy summer dish: Gasperetti's on North First Street and Creekside West at 40th and Washington offer very different takes on my favorite fruit in salad, watermelon.
Watermelon Salad? Yes Please!
Summer is here and you know what that means? Besides 100-degree heat and dehydration it means fresh, sweet watermelon.
I love watermelon by itself, but it tastes even better when someone who knows what they're doing prepares it with local ingredients and tops it off with balsamic vinegar, fresh mint …