Wedding Fever [PHOTOS]
I've attended a few weddings in my day, and I've seen some really neat ideas that brides have used over the years. From cute signs, to cake decoration ideas, to color schemes and decor. Check out a few of the things I've seen at weddings over the past couple of years.
Planning my own wedding next yea…
Wednesday Was Wedding Day in Miss Cleary’s Class [VIDEO]
The bride wore a summer dress and a flower in her hair, the bridesmaids were dressed in their finest Sunday School wear, the DJ put on an Afro wig and the minister had on a jacket he was still growing into.
And everybody giggled a lot.
Hunter Olden and Nikki Cleary couldn't have asked for a happi…
Did Taylor Swift Crash a Wedding With Conor Kennedy?
While her new single continues to buzz, Taylor Swift is focused on spending quality with her boyfriend, Conor Kennedy, and his iconic American family. But it sounds like the two young lovebirds are having an emotional visit right now, as reports have surfaced that in addition to spending time visiti…
Dave Haywood’s Wedding Photo [LINK]
It seems like Dave Haywood from Lady Antebellum had a surprise wedding over the weekend, and finally the pictures are starting to trickle to the mainstream media. Katie Cook from CMT tweeted about the wedding picture
Women Are Doing WHAT To Lose Weight For Their Wedding?!!
Brides-to-be never run out of ways to abuse themselves in search of the perfect wedding.
Apparently, some engaged women are getting FEEDING TUBES implanted in their NOSTRILS to help them lose weight before their wedding.
The tube goes down their esophagus, into their stomach, and gives them a 10-day d…
How Much Does the Average Wedding Cost?
In honor of wedding month we are giving away tickets to the Central Washington Bridal show this Sunday at the Yakima Convention Center. The show starts at 10 Am and the many vendors will be vying for each bride's business.
Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles Gets Married
Sugarland singer Jennifer Nettles is off the market. The singer quietly married her longtime beau, entrepreneur Justin Miller, in a small ceremony in Tennessee over the weekend. Nettles and Miller have been dating for over two years.

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