There are two women in India who just applied to the people at the "Guinness Book of World Records" to name them the world record holders for WORLD'S LOWEST SALARY.  And you know what?  They've got a shot at it.

59-year-old Akku and Leela Sherigar have been working as TOILET CLEANERS at the Government Women's Teacher's Training Institute in southern India since 1971.

Their starting salary was 15 rupees a month . . . that's about 28 cents a month in today's dollars.  And today's dollars are relevant . . . because in their FORTY YEARS there, they NEVER GOT A RAISE.

So over 41 years of work, they've each made a TOTAL of approximately $137.76.  That's $3.36 per year.

They say they were promised raises but their employers never came through.  So they kept cleaning toilets for four decades at the same salary.  There's no word from "Guinness" yet on whether they'll get the world record.