If you are going to Watershed, check out the following info!  Will help you out tremendously if you didn't already know the info...

Gorge Camping

-Camping is $110 PER VEHICLE.  Because the Gorge camping is a huge grass field, they park cars pretty much side by side and you camp in front (or behind) your vehicle.  Because of this, they DO NOT allow extra cars 'per campsite'.   The best thing to do if you want to save some money, pile into one vehicle.

-If you are camping and some friends are coming just for the day, they will need to pay for parking in the Gorge Parking lot and walk to the campgrounds.  REMEMBER, they cannot leave their cars in the Gorge parking over night.  There is no security and Live Nation says don't do it.

-For the Watershed 3-Day Festival, there will be a 'Pivot' location set up in the Gorge Campgrounds.  We are told this will be dead center of the campgrounds and there are food booths and such to hang with friends at.  There are also some other surprises for the 'Pivot'.

-Yes there are showers (a fee to use) and also a General Store that you purchase ice, beer, water, food, etc.  If you forget any toiletry items, these can be purchased at the General Store as well.

-You WILL NOT be able to leave the campground in your vehicle after you arrive.  This rule is in place because of safety concerns.  If everyone was coming and going as they pleased, it just would be safe with the amount of people (most intoxicated) walking around.

-No open fires or pit fires permitted.

-If you purchased camping, the campgrounds open today (Thursday) and you can stay until Monday.  The camping fee of $110 per vehicle is the same whether you stay one night or four.

-Bring LOTS of water and sunscreen.  Forecast shows Sunshine and 90's all weekend!


For more info on Gorge Camping, click here.


Gorge/Festival Info

-If you have a 3-Day Festival Pass (which with no one-day passes for sale, everyone does) you will receive a wrist band as you walk into the Gorge on your first day.  This wrist band will allow you 'In & out' access all 3-days of the festival.

-There will be a Margaritaville type set up next to the stage! It's called the Margaritaville 5'oclock VIP Beach Party!

-Click Here to check out the artist performance lineup

-Bring plenty of sunscreen!


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