It's the spooky season which means people are carving pumpkins, stockpiling candy, making their costumes, and of course checking out haunted houses! I made sure to do some spooky research to see where you can go check out haunted houses in Eastern Washington.

Remember no matter how terrified you get you can always opt-out of the haunted house and the people there can escort you out, basically, just don't throw hands with the actors, they're trying to give you a fun experience. We say this because we all know a guy who threw a left hook in a haunted house before.

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That being said let's check out the 4 Haunted Houses you can check out@

3.) The Haunted Tents

This started out as a neighborhood getting extra excited about Halloween and making a fun and scary environment for people to trick or treat or just have people walk thru for a good scare. What started as a fun community event is now a huge must-see in Yakima. Open for 7 days before Halloween and Halloween Night you have to check out the dedication these people have for this Holiday.

Get the Haunted Tents info by clicking this link! 

2.) Mad Hatters Haunt

Looking to be so scared you become mad as a hatter, then this is the place you have to check out. The people who started this haunted house made it a non-profit experience giving back to local businesses and clubs in the Yakima valley. This haunt is a thrill of a lifetime. It's $13 dollar admission or for $18 dollars you can skip to the front of the line and get your scare on faster! For more info follow the link below.

Mad Hatters Haunt

1.) Escape The Madness

Change up your terror and fright with an escape room experience sure to leave you quivering in your boots. This experience is unlike any other escape room I've seen. Instead of just solving for the mystery you're solving to save your life! (Your life is not actually in danger, just wanna put that out there.) You can grab friends, co-workers, or family to join you on this thrilling adventure. Find all the clues to help you escape and go back to your home where it's warm, safe, and has hot cocoa. To sign up for your Haunted Escape room follow the link below.

Escape The Madness Yakima

If you know of any other haunted houses in the Yakima Valley or in Eastern Washington, reach out so we can add them to the list!

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