3 Places to Get Geoduck: Voted the #1 Grossest Food in WA State

Have you ever tried geoduck? I haven’t. I must admit, I don’t even know wtf geoduck even is. It sounds like it’s a gooey duck egg, and I already don’t like my chicken eggs sunny-side up! Anyway, geoduck was voted as the #1 top grossest food in Washington state.


Previously, we told you that geoduck was voted as the #1 grossest food in Washington. And I'm here to tell you that it's still considered that to this today.


I’ve been calling it, “GEE-O-Duck”. My friends call me bougie but apparently, I am not as cultured as I thought. It is pronounced, “GOOEY-Duck.”


Geoduck Hells Kitchen Challenge
Hells Kitchen via YouTube

Is geoduck a clam? Is it an oyster? Is it an ooey-gooey duck egg? Well, it is a CLAM. It loves to live its best clammy life out in the Pacific Coastal areas of Washington, Oregon, California, and Alaska. Some chefs like to chop up it’s meat and put it in ceviche, some like to deep-fry it, and others even serve it raw in sushi. Others like to use geoduck in chowder, sashimi, and stir-fry recipes. The list goes on.


1 . Food Network says Sushi Kashiba restaurant has the best geoduck dish in Washington.

“SAUTEED GEODUCK: A local delicacy long necked clam sautéed in butter with asparagus and shiitake mushroom.” - Sushi Kashiba Restaurant


2 . Geoduck Restaurant & Lounge in Brinnon, WA

You can get a cup of homemade clam chowder for 6 bucks at Geoduck Restaurant & Lounge.

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3 . Pike Place Fish Market in Downtown Seattle

You can buy geoduck by the pound at Pike Place! Whether you make the drive to Seattle to get some geoduck there yourself or order it online from places like Goldbelly, if you want to make your own geoduck recipes at home, Pike Place Fish Market is where it’s at!

4 . Miyabi Sushi in Tukwila, WA

Yelp customers have raved about the Geoduck Butter dish at Miyabi. It is currently $16 and the dish is described as a giant clam that’s been sauteed in a butter sauce.

“I liked the geoduck, but it was more butter than actual geoduck. That's understandable since geoduck is pretty expensive to procure.” - Emil C. via Yelp.com

There you go, four great places to score what’s been voted the #1 grossest food in all of Washington. If you already love clams and oysters, I bet “gooeyduck” is not that bad at all.

Now enjoy this video of Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Geoduck Challenge on Hell’s Kitchen.

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