We're all human are we not, then why do so many things others do get on our last nerves? Is it the lack of understanding, the different points of view, or are we all just trying to drive each other mad?

The truth is some of us don't realize the impact we have on one another, or we're just oblivious to it. Consider this a friendly list just trying to give you a heads up that people are a little fed up.

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Everything being said before aside this list isn't meant to target any one person, you can disagree with this. list and be upset because you have the right as a person. That being said let's get into this.

3.) Shortening your Muffler 

Look we get it, you got a fast car and you love when everyone turns their head to look at your sick whip. Let's be real here, the only person who enjoys it is you and your car buddies.

Before anyone gets offended by this one let me explain, I get the desire to make your car sound like this, I too used to put baseball cards in my bike spokes to make it sound like a motorcycle but if you're to the point of going 25 mph and it still sounds like a brick of firecrackers in a barrel you've overdone it. To everyone else with a shortened muffler that's silent until you hit upper speeds you're good.

2.) Being Negative or Mean in Community Posts on the internet

I get it, some people are just asking to get burned with some of the idiotic stuff they post, but the amount of times I've seen someone ask a simple question like "What time does it start?" or "How much does it cost?" is often met with "What you can't read?!" or "They probably voted for (Insert politician here.)"

This doesn't prove you're smarter than anyone, it just shows you're negative and probably not the funnest person to be around. Hence why you probably don't get invited to fun things happening in the community. Next time you see something that makes you angry on social media try to remember that anyone can make a Facebook account, some people aren't worth cracking your knuckles before writing an angry paragraph about them.

1.) Driving Like no One Else is on the Road

This will be a hard pill to swallow for a good amount of people out there cruising the Yakima Valley. Honestly, this could have been a list on its own but let's get into it. Get off your dang phone, I don't care if you're at a light or a standstill in traffic, you're not good at texting and driving no one is. A phone call or text can wait but you risking your own and everyone else's safety around you is selfish and disgusting. You may think "I'm good, I can text real quick." That's how an accident happens or worse someone gets hit because you had to send LOL back to Robert.

Also, why are you taking a whole minute to complete your turn? If you have your turn signal on for the appropriate amount of time why were you not slowing down beforehand and gracefully making your turn off of the road, there's no reason for you to come to a complete stop and cause an accident because you were too preoccupied with getting there faster than safely making your turn.

Stop cutting through parking lots to avoid a red light, it's against the law and extremely frowned upon, yet the amount of people I see doing this on a daily basis is unreal. You not only risk an accident but more than likely risk hitting a pedestrian you don't see, cutting thru parking lots could land you a hefty ticket or worse take a life.

Last but not least stop break checking people, period. If someone is too close simply turn on your windshield cleaner and if they truly are close enough they'll get a spray if they continue to follow to close move and let them pass. Nothing is worth causing a multiple car pile-up to get your point across that they're too close, your safety should be your main priority while behind the wheel not teaching people a lesson.

Before you Leave

These problems aren't only in Yakima, they're around the country and our world, take some time to consider the person next to you from day to day and let the little things roll-off. Take care of your fellow man, we don't know how long we'll be here. Last but not least, don't take life so seriously, no one gets out alive.

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