Halloween just happens to be my favorite time of the year, fall is in full swing, pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks and spooky decorations are in store. One thing I look forward to the most is Spirit Of Halloween taking over an old store building because that alone seems kinda haunted in a way.

However not many stores are selling Halloween stuff quite yet because it's still September, so I went on a Halloween hunt for decorations and costumes. I found four different stores that have Halloween stuff early and this is where you can go to find it.

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Fred Meyers Yakima

The Fred Meyers in Yakima was the first stop I made on my hunt and found not only did they have candy ready to go but they also were selling kids costumes, outdoor and indoor decorations. Of course, I picked up a few spooky candles and a new table cloth with spooky skulls.

Target In Yakima

Target is always a win when it comes to shopping, what had been a hunt for Halloween decorations turned into a regular shopping day. But of course, first priority was finding the decorations and sure enough, Target had them in bulk.

Walmart In Yakima

Walmart is still rolling out the school supplies and still working in small selections for Halloween gear but they do have them, they even have an area for horror movies to build up to the spooky season.

Fiddlesticks in Yakima

Fiddlesticks was a must-visit, people all around town were telling me these guys specialize in holidays and gifts, boy, they were right. They have an entire section dedicated to Halloween with signs, witches' broomsticks, scary candlesticks, and a whole lot more. They even offer some special sweet treats like orange hot chocolate and some spooky candy.

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