It's time for things to change around here. Let's get the biggest football game of the year moved to Saturday!

- A new survey by You Gov reveals that 25% of people want the Super Bowl held on a Saturday instead of a Sunday. 34% of people want the Big Game to continue to be played on Sundays. The rest don't care

Here are my five reasons why:

  1. I can finally watch the Puppy Bowl without worrying that I will miss the big game. Puppies are so freaking cute and I don't want to miss a second of this.
  2. People can stop wishing church would get rescheduled or postponed that day. When I was a kid, our church always had service right smack dab in the beginning of the big game and no one, and I do mean NO ONE, was paying any attention to the preachers at the pulpit without thinking, "Hurry up, mayne!"
  3. No need to call in sick or come up with "great excuses" to be late to work on Monday. Enough said. The Monday after the big game is the #1 day most people call in sick anyway, so having the game on a Saturday would actually improve workplace productivity.
  4. No need for petitions to have the Big Game moved to Saturdays. I am already signing this petition, by the way. We won't need teenagers from New York to hop up online to start one.
  5. You can save BIG money on some Big Game Day snacks.

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