Don't look now, but, it's July already and half of 2021, the year we were pining for so that 2020 would go away, is gone. Even more mind-blowing, but in a good way, we're just a little over two and a half months away from the return of the Central Washington State Fair!

One of the annual favorite events that the pandemic stole from us is going to be here before we know it. The ten days of the CWSF kick off on Friday, September 24th, and goes through Sunday, October 3rd.

Last year, the new President and CEO of the Central Washington Fair Association, Kathy Kramer, didn't get to enjoy her first season at the helm, having replaced the retired Greg Stewart. So, you can bet that Kathy and her team are itching to get things rolling. I spoke with the Prez today and she let me in on some very exciting previews.

5 Things The Central Washington State Fair President Wants Yakima to Know

  1. The Fair is BACK! This year's theme is "Celebrate Together Again'!
  2. New Feature Exhibits like Dogtown, DinoLand & Wizzard Challenge!
  3. New this year – Concert ticket includes your fair admission – a $16 value!
  4. Three acts on Sale Friday, July 1st, Fluffy”, Josh Turner, For King and Country
  5. The New Farm to Fork culinary cooking stage and demonstrations!


I was able to squeeze one more bit of exciting news out of Kathy, and she wants everyone to know that this Sunday, July 4th, while you're enjoying the festivities at the Fairgrounds, the Fair Box Office will be open from Noon until 8 PM and Adult Fair Admission will be just $8 for one day only for an Independence Day special.

See if you can spot your family and friends in these random photos from fairs past.

Central Washington State Fair Snapshots

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