When it comes to snow or worse a snowstorm you wanna be prepared. Before the snow hits this year we compiled a list of some things you may wanna have around the house. In case we get stuck or lose power you'll be happy you have these.

You may already have a good amount of things on this list but it doesn't hurt to double-check so you are prepared for anything the weather throws at you.

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7.) First Aid Kit

If you get blocked in or the roads seem to be too hectic to drive it's important to have medical supplies on hand. Bandages, ointment, ice packs, anything that could come in handy for an injury.

6.) Flashlights

Sometimes we underestimate how handy these are, it may take up space but when you're in need you're glad you have it. Like my grandfather used to say "It's better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it." If your power goes out it's great to have on hand for after the sun goes down.

5.) Non-perishable Foods

Having things like instant Ramen, canned food, or other items that have a longer shelf life. It helps to make sure you have food in an emergency. You'd be surprised how fast the food runs out when you're stuck at home. I take that back after covid and quarantine we all know about this.

4.) Battery Packs

These started to get popular around the time Pokemon Go became popular. With people out and about and no way to charge their phone, it was nice to have a portable battery pack to charge your phone when it was dead. Fast forward to now they're extremely convenient if you lose power.

3.) Candles

Of course, flashlights are great but using them non-stop could cause the battery to drain fast and you may wanna save it for emergencies or special occasions. If you have a few candles around the house and insight it'll help to keep your place lit. Not like party lit but as in you can see around the house. Of course, be aware and make sure to put them out before leaving them unattended.

2.) Tire Chains and De-icing Salt

If you do plan on driving out and about in the snow make sure your vehicle can handle itself. It doesn't hurt to get your tires fitted for chains or maybe even get studded tires if you can afford it. In case you do get stuck or your vehicle has lost traction be sure to keep de-icing salt in your car or truck to put under the tires. Surprisingly kitty litter tends to work as well.

1.) Portable Grill

These can save you from having to eat cold meals especially when the power is out, they're relatively cheap and run on small tanks of propane. Nothing beats the cold like a nice warm meal.

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