If you were to ask people what their five favorite comfort foods are, chances are pretty high that they will say Mac and Cheese is in there somewhere. Who doesn't love all that carb-loaded cheesy goodness? So it would make sense that somewhere there would be a mac and cheese festival.

You're in luck -- there is. In Austin, Texas, to be exact. What festival organizers didn't expect when they kicked the festival off in 2017 is to have it take off the way it has. So much so that they have decided to take the festival around the country! They will be making stops in Dallas, Newark, Portland and yes, my dear friends, Seattle.

Now a venue for the event and price of tickets have yet to be determined, but we can tell you that in Austin tickets sell for $90 -- which might sound spendy, but it's UNLIMITED mac and cheese! The festival will be on Jan. 26, 2020, and you can RSVP to the event and get an email when a venue and ticket prices get locked in!

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