Have you heard of civet coffee?

If you have, you already know where I'm going with this.

If you're not familiar with civet coffee, the truth will be revealed in just a little bit.

I found myself at Pudgy's Tea and Spice at Glenwood Square. I'm a huge fan of tea and with 150 loose-leaf tea and so many other tea and accessories I just love popping in when I'm in the area.

They also do coffee and energy drinks.

As I was grabbing some tea, looking at the different prices of everything including the $14/ounce 75-year-old tea leaves I was buying (that may be an article for another time) they mentioned they have a $50 cup of coffee.

$50 for a coffee? Well, now I have to know why.

$50 civet coffee yakima
John Riggs

You'd think this would be some exotic, rare breed of coffee bean only harvested in a very specific area or something along those lines.

And, you'd be right... kind of.

What is Civet Coffee?

What makes civet coffee so special is that it involves the Asian palm civet -- a kind of cat lemur native to Indonesia.

Cutest thing ever, right?

These civet cats eat the coffee cherries and, though the digestive process, the... well, let's just say leftovers that these civet cats leave for you the day after are harvested, processed and that is then turned into probably the smoothest cup of coffee you'll ever have in your life.

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Yeah, sure. Call it cat poop coffee if you want, but don't knock it until you try it. There's a reason why people are flocking all over to sample this coffee. Curiosity alone, sure, but once you try it it'll be hard to just go back to any coffee that happens to market itself with 'flavor crystals' ever again.

The owner said many times college kids will come and and all put in and share a cup as a dare or just a fun thing to try. Again, once you try it, you'll know it's legit. I tried it willingly and it's fantastic. Expensive, but fantastic.

You can try this for yourself at Pudgy's Tea & Spice at Glenwood Square at 5110 Tieton Drive in Yakima.

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