According to Facebook memories 11 years ago today I was trying to sabotage my co-workers during a weight-loss challenge. My current status would still have me trying to lose weight but encouraging instead of sabotaging, making a game-plan instead of hoping for the best.
We have 24 hours in a day, a lot of time to think about food, eat food and then burn the calories off. Every single one of us handles hunger differently. Some use food for comfort, other use it to pass the time when bored while a whole group punish themselves by withholding it. There are the fitness and nutrition gurus who seem to have figured out a good balance. Some can eat whatever they like and maintain a healthy figure while others have upped their calorie count to a level that won't allow weight-loss unless a big change is made.
I say all this after choosing chicken nachos and a seven and for dinner, a dark chocolate oat cookie and popcorn for dessert and then there was the chocolate kisses and the caramel candies. You know somedays you crush it and other days you crumble but the main thing is you don't give up :)
Mom and I went shopping for groceries to split at Costco today, it was a bummer to see the stations for taste tests filled with treats behind plastic walls because it's now a look but don't touch type of deal. After coming home with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, mini peppers and half of a rotisserie chicken I believe I've figured out the route I want to take with meals and you can totally join in if you too are needing some motivation.
Mediterranean meals.
A protein shake for breakfast, Greek salads for lunch and veggies, chicken, fish or other seafoods for dinner a bit of red wine and dark chocolates, nuts and berries to round it out.
Grab a list of your favorite fruits and vegetables and work on having some with every meal and snack. Instead of potatoes try for whole-grain breads, cereals and pasta. Instead of butter switch to olive oil, coconut or avocado. There are tons to choose from. Another list of different types of seafoods to mix up your meals from shrimp to salmon, tuna and scallops and chicken maybe even a tofu but I'm not sure I won't to go there just yet.

Greek Inspired Ideas

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