Been eyeballing this place for a while now. Have heard some good things. We had the perfect excuse. Lisa and I were looking for a place to celebrate our anniversary. WaterFire it is. Since we are still in Phase 1.5, indoor seating at restaurants are not yet a thing. WaterFire doesn’t have outdoor seating – until now. They have smartly created temporary outdoor seating on their lawn.

We arrived and were seated right away. We ordered drinks. I got a Manhattan, Lisa ordered the Peach & Honey Smoked Old Fashion. It came in a sealed glass container and was presented to us. Our server removed the lid and smoke wafted out of the container and glass. As the smoke cleared, it revealed the classic beverage. It got the attention of those around us with lots of “oooohs” and “ahhs”.

It was amazing tasting Old Fashion. My Manhattan was on point as well. As we sipped our beverages, the evening sun was setting on a beautiful evening. We ordered our entree which we shared and hit up the White Truffle Mac and Cheese with bacon which was a far cry from Kraft’s version. Look, I ain’t knockin’ Kraft, but this took it to the next level. Hands down, the BEST M&C I have ever had!

Then came the filet. Tender, juicy, tasty – it’s everything you would want in a cut of meat. It was on point. Our server Kay was super friendly and very professional just like the rest of staff. She is a recent Yakimainian / Yakamite / Yakonion from the Midwest. We traded stories of our journey to Yakima and found a kindred spirit.

WaterFire's bar is upscale, warm and inviting. Cant wait to come back and put it through it's paces!


Afterwards dinner we ordered dessert and choose the Chocolate Raspberry tort. So rich, creamy and a bit decadent – which was perfect.

I love me some WaterFire. Will have to save up for my next visit, but it is sooooooooo worth it.

All My Best,

The JimShow