Time is limited to help the Yakima Union Gospel Mission raise needed funds to help homeless in 2022.

A group of supporters has pledged $50,000 to match donations

Mission Executive Director Mike Johnson says every donation to the mission between now and midnight on Friday will be matched by a group of longtime supporters. The supporters have pledged $50,000 to match donations but there's only a short amount of time. Johnson says the timing is perfect because he says the needs are great right now, after another year that’s brought hardship and challenges to countless people in our community including the homeless. He says your year-end gift will help fund shelter needs and meals in the new year.

Many people are looking to the mission to help rebuild lives after 2020

Johnson says many people in Yakima lost jobs, homes and hope this year with many still trying to rebuild. Many are looking to the Mission for help and hope in the new year.

A press release and an email says "make your tax-deductible donation today. Hurting men, women and children in Yakima are counting on you. This opportunity for your gift to DOUBLE through the matching challenge ends at midnight 12/31."

You can also help by shopping at one of the mission thrift stores

Maybe you've been shopping at one of the thrift stores owned by the mission this year. The new store Summit Thrift opened earlier this year at 56th and Summitview. The original Lighthouse Thrift Store on South Front Street and the Lincoln Mission Thrift store located on Lincoln Avenue are also open. Johnson says the stores generate enough money to fully fund all administrative costs at the mission meaning no salaries or other costs come from donated dollars. So when you donate all your dollars go to help those needing help at the mission. You can learn more and give TODAY at https://www.yugm.org/

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