My niece Kylie is entering the 8th grade. She lives in Californian, is smart and will make a great attorney one day. Until then, she is speaking for herself and others.

She recently wrote an open letter to California Governor Gavin Newsome. She asked me to share it with Washington Gov Jay Inslee as well. So, here it is. Whether you agree with the content or not, my niece is asking some pretty good questions. Here it is. Feel free to hit me up on comments.

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Dear Governors Newsome and Inslee,

  As I start my 8th grade year, I was looking forward to returning to school this fall, but you shut down my county again because if COVID-19 counts. If you would actually take a look at our COVID counts, most of our cases are form the prisons in our area which inmates intentionally are trying to contract the virus from each other. This is so they can be released. I know this, because my dad works for the prison system as a guard.

I was looking forward to seeing my friends during the summer, until you locked us down. I missed soccer season and spring season league. I haven’t seen my friends and my parents have not been able to go out anywhere too.

I have some questions I hope you can answer. First, how is it that masks are ok for people to shop in stores, but it's not ok for me to go back to school? How come we can have an airplane full of people, but we cannot go to church? How is social distancing ok in stores, but not ok in schools? I have spoken to many adults and no one can answer these questions. I have also spoke to my friends and they all want to return to school also. I understand the situation of COVID, but your decision to shut down schools has ruined a whole year of my life.

Please consider reopening schools. It is far better for me to be in school to learn and for my social well-being.

Thank You for Your Time,


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