As I was watching "True Blood" last night ... I started to get that feeling you get when you've been reading a good book and you're near the last chapter. You're super-excited to learn how the story will end, but so depressed and sad that your time with the characters you've come to love will end forever.

There are only two more episodes left of my beloved show. My first thought when it started was that they where going to end it by killing off everyone. The first episode started off verifying that very theory because a key character was killed, Tara Thornton. Two episodes later another key character, Alcide Hereaux, our beloved werewolf. Then, my 1,000-year-old viking vampire, Eric Northman, was infected with hep V with no known cure, which meant certain death!

Even though the killing spree has slowed, I'm sure that more will meet the true death before the show ends -- and it's looking like next in line is Bill Compton. Bill is infected with hep V, but during last night's episode he refused the antidote.

It's hard to gauge which direction the writers of "True Blood" will head to end the show. They are known for throwing us surprises, but at the same time they need to leave us feeling all right with where the characters are when the show ends.

One thing is for sure ... I'll need a box of Kleenex when the last episode airs! True to the end!

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