It's difficult enough dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one without having their Facebook account stolen.

That's what happened to me yesterday. I was at lunch with some of my dad's relatives, who were passing through town from Oregon, when my brother sent my aunt a text saying that one of his friends had received a friend request from our dad.

Our dad passed away in October. My brother has access to my dad's original Facebook account.

I quickly checked my phone and found I had a friend request from my dad, too. This was upsetting on so many levels! After getting myself gathered back together, I sent the fake account notification. They not only created one account, but two! I'm guessing because I sent the fake account notification on the first one. I quickly did the same to the second.

Then, I decided to send this Russian bot or Nigerian Prince a message with a piece of my mind! Not that it's gonna do one bit of good, but it made me feel better.

And why, if you're going to copy someone's Facebook profile -- complete with name and pic -- do you send friend requests to all the people who are already friends with the real person?

I know that the people behind the keyboard don't care, but please just stop!

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