It used to be your devices were immune from politics. Well, just like sports, they have infiltrated your personal life – including your devices.

I noticed a couple weeks ago, I started getting texts from political parties from all sides of the aisle.


They want me to vote for President Trump or Vice President Biden. Another wants me to vote for Measure A for libraries and whatnot.

After a couple of these, I started to get frustrated because I didn’t ask for this. They just keep showing up on my devices.


Why is this happening? The answer lies in your voter registration. You see, that is public information. Now every candidate on the planet has your info. And they want your vote.

Campaigns have budgeted more for social media this year than any other year. This includes your devices and texting.

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It’s the new version of spam email. Spam texting. And if you received a few, you are not alone. Over 6 million of us have received them in the last few weeks. These are targeted texts. You can blame Thomas Peters – CEO of Peer-To-Peer Texting for this. He says, “2020 is going to be the year of political text message.”

Gee, thanks Pete. Although we can’t really blame him. If he didn’t get to it, someone else would have. He was just first to the party.


“It’s a very cheap and effective way to make sure your message is getting to people in mass,” said Eric Beans, CEO of Texting Base, a cloud-based automation and personalization texting platform.


If you are like me, and you are looking to stop these annoying texts from political campaigns, you can reply back with “STOP” "end," "unsubscribe," "cancel," "quit," or “please opt me out.”


This may be the new norm moving forward in election seasons, so get used to it. It’s just another reminder – it’s 2020.

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