If you haven't noticed, the temperatures are on the rise in the Yakima Valley. But some people seem to forget that if it's 80 outside, it's not 80 in your car..

Animal Control is reminding everyone once again this year to not leave your pets in cars, excessive heat can lead to heat stroke and could cause death. They go on to remind you that when it is 80 degrees outside, temperatures in your car can get well over 100 degrees.

They are also reminding you that it is illegal to break a window to help an animal in distress, here are the steps you should follow:

  • Gather the vehicle information(color, license, make, model)
  • Get the car's exact location and call 911.
  • Attempt to find the owner
  • Keep an eye on the animal and watch for signs of heat stroke such as heavy panting, breathing, and vomiting.

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