It's National Bacon Burger day in America, whether you take it with cheese or not is up to you, but it's a day to celebrate nonetheless. So, of course, we had to do some digging, as you can probably tell we love to eat around here so we know our food pretty well.

We wanted to give you the best bacon burger or bacon cheeseburger in the Yakima valley and we got it down to our top 3 choices. For this one we won't be doing high-end restaurants, instead, we'll be taking a look at places with drive-thru and to-go bags but only the ones that are local to Yakima.

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3.) Burger Ranch

Looking for an old-fashioned greasy burger to hit the spot? Then Burger Ranch is the place to be, with made-to-order meals and burgers that will kick any kind of craving you got. Of course, the highlight here is the Bacon Cheeseburger with all the fixings, they earned their spot on this list.

2.) Majors Burgers

Known for their giant menu, delicious milkshakes, and tasty burgers, you probably imagined they'd make the list. Majors Burgers was one of the first fast food places we stopped by when first moving to Yakima, it immediately became our favorite, their Bacon burger is delicious, filling, and even better with cheese.

1.) Miners Drive Inn

Miners is a staple in the Yakima Valley known for having the largest servings, a burger that even puts the whopper to shame. They're tasty, freshly made and every bite is as good as the last, now imagine it with bacon and cheese. Mouth watering? go grab yourself a bacon cheeseburger!

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