The summer heat is approaching in the Yakima Valley, we've already hit some pretty high numbers and it's only the start. If you're lucky enough to have gotten your hands on an air conditioner or have one that's newer you're probably cooling off in the comfort of your own home.

However, if you're like us, you get to enjoy the AC at work and come home to a house filled with fans, and I'm not talking about the adoring kind. Lucky for you there are plenty of places to cool off and enjoy a cold drink.

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5.) Taco Bell

Hear me out on this one, sure every city has a taco bell, and even the Amish are looking into franchising, but the best part is their plethora of frozen drinks and at the happy hour they're worth every penny. Whether you wanna dive into a Baja blast, sip on a mango whipped freeze, or their cherry freeze any one of them is sure to cool you down in the summer heat.

4.) Cowichie Canyon Kitchen

Amazing food, check, ice-cold drinks check, air conditioning, you betcha. Not only do they have some of the best selections for food in the Yakima Valley but they also have the Ice Bar with, you guessed it ice cold drinks.

3.) Float the Yakima River

Not only is it free but the fun is endless, whether you're looking to fish or simply just hop on a tube and float you can't beat the Yakima river. We suggest you go with a group of friends or family just to be safe, but is there any better feeling than kicking back with a cooler tied to your innertube and just floating in the cool water? We didn't think so.

2.) Fuego Margarita Bar

This place I can't suggest enough, Fuego Margarita bar will find you your perfect Margarita, Whether you're a fan or not they're mixologists that will find your perfect drink and serve it the best way to combat summer, frozen delicious drinks. Those that don't like to drink, they also have non-alcoholic margaritas as well.

1.) Yakima YMCA

Wanna take a dip in the pool, maybe float the lazy river, or just hit some water slides, the Yakima YMCA is the place to be. With an indoor pool and all the fun, you can have outside on the inside make sure you don't get overheated or extremely sunburned. It's fun and family-friendly so everyone can cool off together.

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