Finding the best cake around the Yakima Valley has never been easier, today is national chocolate cake day and we'll give you the best spots around the Valley to get your fix.

There are plenty of bakeries around Yakima but only five are gonna make this list due to their delicious cakes and love of baking. Celebrate chocolate cake day with the best bakeries in Yakima.

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4.) Big Girls Bakery on 1st and Chestnut 

Look no further when it comes to tasty treats, Big Girls Bakery features a limitless amount of different baked goods but of course, we're focusing on the chocolate cake here. Whether you want the whole cake or just a dozen cupcakes this is a great place to stop in and check out. They take pride in making their special desserts and you'll never leave without a smile on your face.

3.) Light Delight Store on 3rd ave in Selah

This one is for all our healthier friends or those with issues with baked goods. Light Delight store is a bakery that only makes keto-friendly and gluten-free versions of your favorite desserts and food. Pick up a chocolate cake here and you'll feel a lot less guilty about breaking that new year's resolution you've been working towards. Tasty and filling you can't go wrong with one of these cakes. They also feature an assortment of different foods like pancakes, bread, doughnuts, and a whole bunch more!

2.) For Heavens Cake in Union Gap.

Not only will these guys whip you up a chocolate cake, they'll make it look like your favorite disney character too. That's right, this bakery specializes in making extravagent cakes, they also make your basic cakes that are both affordable and delicious. Take some time to check out everything they have online or better yet go in shop to see it all in person!

1.) Blossums Cups and Cakes on West Nob Hill

This adorable little bakery has a pink bicycle parked right out fornt so it's hard to miss. If you're looking for a sweet treat they know how to make it from cupcakes to wedding cakes Blossums can do it all. A small local buisness in Yakima making some mof the sweetest treats you'll find.


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