Most People when they get pizza in Yakima they usually go to the basic pizza places. Its either Pizza Hut, Dominoes or Little Caesars (at least those are the most common). Little do people know that there are much better options to go out and get some very good pizza. Here are my top five places to get pizza in Yakima.

5) Tony's Big Cheese Pizza: Although Tony's Big Cheese isn't the best place to get pizza, they do have pretty good pizza for a very good price. One of the cheapest in Yakima. I place Tonys Big Cheese at number five.

4) Mickey's Pub: This place is fairly new. It's the new 21 and over movie theater. I may not be 21 yet, but I've heard that they have very good pizza. Since I can't go find out for myself, I place Mickey's Pub at number four.

3) Round Table Pizza: I know this place is pretty common, but they aren't my first thought when I think of going somewhere for pizza. On the brighter side, all the Round Table Pizza's I've been to have had very good pizza. I place them at number three.

2) Zesta Cucina: This place has some amazing pizza. One of the best I've ever had. The only issue i have is the price. Zesta Cucina is a very expensive place to eat, but their food is much worth it. I place them at number two.

1) Russillo's Pizza and Gelato: When I first went to Russillo's, I was very impressed with not only the taste of the pizza, but how they made it as well. They actually hand toss the dough in front of the customers, almost like a miniature show. Also the price is very fair and my favorite to go out for pizza. I place Russillo's at number one.

That concludes my top five places to get pizza in Yakima. If you have any additions please comment.

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