Spotify recently released a list of the best songs to "do the laundry" to ... wink, wink.

I noticed that none of the 10 songs on the list are country, and that the top three songs all have the word sex in them.

Here is the list:

1. “Sex With Me” — Rihanna
2. “Birthday Sex” — Jeremih
3. “Ride” — SoMo
4. “Earned It” (from "Fifty Shades Of Grey") — The Weeknd
5. “Slow Motion” — Trey Songz
6. “Often” — The Weeknd
7. “Neighbors Know My Name” — Trey Songz
8. “Pony” — Ginuwine
9. “Sex” — Cheat Codes
10. “All The Time” — Jeremih

Since no country songs made the list, I thought we could make our own. What country songs do you like to "do the laundry" to? Maybe a little Luke Bryan "Strip It Down?"

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