The existence of Bigfoot has been whispered by many and shouted by the few, some have written the beast off as a fairy tale, old folklore to scare children. But what if it's not all make-believe? Could this beast live among us and stay hidden in playing sight?

Many shows have existed claiming there's proof and they go out trying to hunt any sign of a bigfoot. Granted most shows only have tiny glimpses and "tracks" of the creature. Now a Washingtonian has taken to TikTok claiming he's caught footage of the elusive being.

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The video itself looks to have been security camera footage along someone's property line when a figure walks out just seems to leer at the camera as it continues to move back into the woods. Bigfoot enthusiasts are convinced it's legit footage and proof of a sasquatch, but some are non-believers and claim it's just a man or woman walking into frame and back out.

The only information we truly have is that the video was taken somewhere in a rural area of Washington. With that being said it can be easy to be a skeptic while watching this but part of me thinks this could actually be the real thing. We've seen other proof of bigfoot inside of Washington, we've even seen sasquatch hunters from shows like in search of sasquatch travel to the Olympic forest in the PNW and concluded there's more than enough proof to say if he does exist he's in our own back yard.

Decide for yourself if this is proof of bigfoot or just a big hoax.

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