Yakima has many restaurants that are kid friendly. Today, we'll look at some of those options. These are just a few that my family likes to go to, but I'm sure you have your favorites.


Red Lobster- 905 North 1st Street



Red Lobster is one of two chain restaurants that I picked. They have a good kid's menu with several seafood choices, including a small lobster tail that my six year old son loves. They also have non seafood items and provide very attentive service to everyone, not just Mom and Dad. image image

Mongolian Grill – 1628 East Washington in Union Gap



My kids love the Mongolian Grill. They get to choose what goes in their bowl, and what kid doesn't like noodles? They enjoy watching the chefs prepare the food on that huge, flat grill and love the fresh fruit and desert bar.



Majors- 1902 South 3rd Avenue and 1706 West Lincoln



Major's is famous for the huge burgers and diverse menu. They also have a nice kid's menu with kid size burgers, chicken, fries and so on. My family likes to have breakfast there once in a while as well. Their breakfasts are basic, but are very reasonably priced. image

Red Robin – 2706 West Nob Hill



Red Robin provides a festive experience for kids. I like the fact that their kid's menu provides plenty of options, not just burgers and fries. They can have a variety of fruits and veggies as sides, and pizza, pasta, mac and cheese, or chicken as an entree.