Good thing Yakima has so many warm-hearted people -- they're helping keep Rik, Michele and Kelly "Wild Wild" West from freezing to death during today's (Dec. 16) fundraiser for Northwest Harvest.

With temperatures in the teens, Rik and Michele reported for the first shift at 6 a.m., manning the donation buckets at Cruisin Coffee, 3202 W. Nob Hill Blvd. in the cold, predawn hours. West will keep the campaign rolling from 3-6 p.m.

And it's well worth it! Coastal Farm and Ranch has already donated $1,000 toward the cause, and they're hoping Yakima will donate another $1,000 before the day's out.

This morning, customers were lined up bumper to bumper at times as the Bull broadcast live. Among the folks who dropped by to visit were local musical favorites Cody Beebe and Blake Noble, who talked about how their new album, "Rust on the Rails," came about.

It's like a party! Cold, sure -- but all those nice, hot Cruisin Coffee drinks really help take the edge off.

See you later?

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