I gotta admit - it was a little overwhelming. Over 300 cars lined up past Nob Hill Blvd. They just wanted their free Coastal Farm & Ranch Life jacket.

We expected half of you - not the nearly thousand of you that showed up.

It was great to connect with ya'll - even if masks and social distancing were in play.


Coastal Farm and Ranch came to us to us with the idea of giving away life jackets to target kids. With over 130 drownings in the state of Washington in 2019, Coastal Farm & Ranch thought that number was waaaaaaaaaayyyyy to high - so they teamed up with us for a big spring giveaway. Then the great changer known as 'Rona reared it head. This pushed back to summer.


We expected half of you to show, and make no bones about it, we were glad to see all of you, we just didnt expect you all to show up all at once! But you did. We are grateful for this - for us, it's a good problem to have. For you, it meant longer waits.


First people in line were there as early as 8am. Those in the front of the line said once 8;30 hit, cars started piling up one after another.


I had the opportunity to talk with many of you. It was great to connect. It was also comforting to see how many of you cared about your child’s safety. It was an awesome sight to see. Coastal Farm & Ranch, myself Brian my co-host and Sarah J from KFFM  / 107.3 were also on hand to witness this great event.

Thank you to everyone who showed up on Saturday. I know not everyone got a life vest for their child. We are thankful and honored ya'll showed up. We didn't know we were so popular. We'll adjust and make sure you all are taken care of next time!


All My Best,


The JimShow

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