Christmas has come early for many this holiday season -- in a big way. Celebrities are helping in ways that only celebrities can: by paying off thousands of dollars in layaway accounts.

When you reserve items on layaway your total has to be $50 or more, and no individual item can be less than $10 ... so let's do the math. If you spend an average of $40 per gift, (trying to get at least) three gifts per child, for three children in the family, that's $360. Imagine a single mom trying to make ends meet while attempting to give her children the Christmas they deserve. For those single parents, layaway is heaven-sent.

Paying off those layaway bills, though, can be a challenge. That's where celebrities -- including Tyler Perry, Kid Rock and New Orleans Saints owner Gayle Benson -- come in. They have helped make Christmas present burdens a little less stressful for so many many families by paying off outstanding layaway bills.

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