Maybe you can beat the real thing.

Cliff Kluge, of Ringgold, Georgia – who describes himself as a “treasure hunter” -- claims to have come across an item as steeped in Americana as baseball and apple pie: a 1943 recipe for Coca-Cola.

Coke Recipe

Since Coke protects its secret like a guard does Buckingham Palace, this could be a big deal.

Kluge was at an estate when he stumbled across the recipe, which seems to have a lot in common with another recipe made public two years ago.

For its part, Coke won’t even bother looking at Kluge’s discovery, claiming the “real formula is safely tucked away in a vault at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta."

Kluge has no interest in brewing his own brand of Coke, though. He’s selling the recipe on eBay, with a minimum bid of $5 million. If you don’t want to get into a bidding war, you can buy it now for a cool $15 million. Now how much is the recipe for New Coke that we found in a dumpster worth?

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