Washingtonians know their coffee, so well in fact that we have the most famous coffee shop around the world based in the heart of Seattle. However, when it comes to local coffee shops around the Yakima valley they don't get as much love as they deserve.

So we compiled a list of the five greatest coffee shops around Yakima and why you should grab your next cup at one of these amazing shops.

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5.) The Human Bean

The name describes this shop better than I ever could, the people here live and breathe the coffee lifestyle, with a large variety of drink choices both hot and cold it's a great pit stop in the morning with fast and easy service!

4.) Crusin Coffee W Nob Hill Blvd

Cruisin Coffee has a few locations around the Yakima Valley each and every one of them is as great as the last. This one came high up on our full list and for good reason, each and every drink made is to perfection and made right. With an amazing menu of both coffee and food, you can't go wrong when stopping by.

3.) Crave Coffee on West Nob Hill

Crave is another locally-owned coffee shop in the Yakima Valley with a plethora of options to choose from with new takes on older drinks. Their energy drink options are unreal with a whole variety of flavors and special goodies to add to the bottom of the cup-like gummies and more!

2.) Yakima Coffee Company On Tieton

Yakima Coffee Company is about as local as it gets, working with local roasters from Yakima to selah to bring you local coffee at its finest. Every sip is more delicious than the last and it comforts you knowing you're not only supporting a local business but local roasters as well.

1.) Mocha Tree Espresso on Nob Hill

Mocha Tree Espresso is a locally owned shop that goes the extra mile each and every day. Their baristas are some of the best in the Yakima Valley and are always kind even if you're stuck on not knowing what you want. They have a drink of the day each week and are always updating it to give you new and fun ideas to try for your coffee. As for their energy drinks, they have a plethora of choices that seem almost endless. This is hands down our favorite place in the Yakima Valley and earned its a spot at #1

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