Just think, the company's CEO is coming to town for a meeting and what better way to impress him than by having a coffee stand right in the parking lot -- literally! It's one thing to go pick up your drip coffee from a big-name brand or have it delivered, but a fresh cup of coffee made on the spot, piping hot just for you ... now that's another story.

A local gal from the valley is giving you that opportunity! Brittany Schlotman of Yakima is getting her van ready to hit the road as we speak! Her company, VanGo Coffee Co., is getting its finishing touches with inspectors and licenses and then she will be ready to hit the road!

I spoke with Brittany last week about her new business and she will be having an appointment schedule on her website where you can book your VanGo coffee experience. She is planning on attending events, bazaars, and being available anytime a company would like freshly brewed coffee!

Her company will be also serving local coffee beans from Basalt Roasters coffee, but  if coffee isn't your thing or if you are on a special diet that is OK, because VanGo will have something for you! Brittany says she is going to focus on health and wellness options such as keto-friendly syrups, activated charcoal and collagen booster powder that can be added to any drink along with Bulletproof coffee!

In a recent interview with Brittany she says this:  I want there to be every option for everyone! Especially folks who are working with a specific dieting and wellness plan! I plan to work with natural healing powders like Turmeric powder, Cacao powder which boots metabolism, Macau improves the mood, cayenne and cinnamon aid digestion, natural boosters like these make the coffee that much more special and something different in a healing way.

To keep a watchful eye out on the VanGo Coffee Co. team you can follow them on Facebook here! 

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