A viral video is being spotted all over TikTok, go figure it's of a young Cooper Kupp. After Winning his first-ever Super Bowl championship Coopers got a lot to celebrate especially a younger Cooper Kupp that predicted his future.

He didn't quite call his Super Bowl win but in the video he's asked what he thinks about being at the end of his football career, the young Cooper Kupp knew he was only at the beginning of his years in football.

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He was only in Highschool at the time and being from the small town of Yakima people just assumed this would be it. Cooper would go get an average Joe job and just live out his life. Cooper had much more planned for his life and you can hear it in his voice and see the determination in his eyes. Watch the video below!

@goatfarmmedia No one expected Cooper Kupp to be in the position he is today 💯🏈 #Rams #SuperBowl #NFL #Football #CooperKupp ♬ original sound - GOAT Farm Media

This video truly shows you how much pride Cooper had in his city and his fellow classmates, After making it to the NFL he still had plenty more to prove. Cooper Kupp is still rumored to be coming back to Yakima for a parade thrown by the city. Details are still waiting to be announced that match up both with the city and Mr.Kupp himself. As more details come in we'll make sure to keep you in the loop so no one misses out on this Hometown Hero!

Cooper Kupp

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