A Bottle of White, A Bottle of Red, prehaps a bottle of Rosa' instead. Get a table near the street in our old famliar place...you and I face to face.!

Good News the  Yakima's Corkage Free Zone program is expected to sign a bill into law in the next few weeks. This would allow restaurants to make agreements with local wineries to sell wine that could be opened in that restaurant without a corkage fee. The state House voted unanimously for the bill in February.

Jar Arcand owner of Santiago's in downtown Yakima and one of the founders of the Corkage Free Zone program, which launched in September 2009 with downtown restaurants agreeing to waive the corkage fee for wines purchased from nearby wineries or wine shops on the same day. "This will be a great marketing tool for not only restaurants, but wineries and tasting rooms." and  he's going to relaunching the program and getting more wineries and restaurants throughout the state to implement corkage-free programs of their own.