I love it when studies come out that solidify the relationship between people and their dogs, because it makes you appreciate your dog a little more.

The latest study is no different, because it seems that people's ears really start to perk up when it comes to their mortality. A study that's been going on for the past 70 years and has included 4 million people (so you know it's accurate, right?) shows that 24% of people who are dog owners are less likely to die young.

So why is this? Is it because historically dogs have waked up their owners when the house is on fire? (Have you seen "A Dog's Purpose?") It could be for that, but it's probably more due to the companionship.

It's also true that people who own dogs get more exercise because they play with their dogs longer and therefore tend to be a little healthier. Speaking of healthier, 31% of dog owners are at a lower risk of dying from heart disease -- and if they do have a stroke or heart attack they tend to recover faster!

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