It's the spookiest time of the year, and haunting enthusiasts travel far and wide to get their thrills at haunted houses. But there is a haunted house down South -- in Tennessee -- that takes the term haunted house to a whole other level.

It's called McKamey Manor and (in my opinion) it is in no way a haunted house, it's a torture chamber. And the worst part? People -- normal people like you and I -- actually volunteer to subject themselves to this treatment. Sound dramatic? It's not. McKamey Manor uses mind games and hypnotism to scare its visitors -- and that's not all.

This isn't your small-town warehouse haunted house where the actors are not allowed to touch you. They will waterboard you, tie you up and dump you in water, cover your nose with thick mud so you can't get it off and then cover your mouth to make you think you are going to die ... until you ask them to stop.

Not any old Tom, Dick, or Harry can go into the manor, though. You have to pass a background check, prove you have medical insurance, pass a drug test and physical, then sign a 40-page waiver. After all that is done, you have to sit through a two-hour video of people quitting the tour. Basically they do everything they possibly can to disqualify you or get you to change your mind.

So, what's in it for you to subject yourself to such trickery? Well, make it through the tour and you will be taking home $20,000. But tread lightly: No one has ever made it through this haunting.

Is this a little to extreme for you? Don't worry, it is for me also. But you still want to get your haunting on, we have some great local spots where you can get a thrill.

You can head to Union Gap and explore Madd Hatters Haunt or you can get lost in the corn at the Union Gap Corn Maze! Head down a little way into the Lower Valley and meet the Curfman's out at Curfman's Massive Corn Maze in Toppenish. Or you can head a little farther down to the Tri- Cities and check out the Scaregrounds! 


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