Couples Court Case #091015

Today's case is a question of telling him the truth or keeping the issue to herself. If she thinks he's The One and wants a long-term relationship, this issue would weigh on a person. What should she do? You be the jury ...

I have been dating my boyfriend for a year now. I love him and think he’s the one. There’s a big issue, though: I hate his friends. Not dislike. I HATE them. I don’t like what they are into, I find them rude, and some of them obnoxious. I don’t get their sense of humor. I dread hanging out with them every time they make plans and he brings me along. Do I address this? I don’t want to come off as the GF who wants to take her BF away from his friends, but I am not sure I can handle this long term. What should I do?

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