Planning for a couple's special day can test a relationship before anybody's made any vows.

Mix in disputes over the meaning of money, and you've got wedding stress times 10.

Take this week's Couples Court litigants, for example ...

Dear Morning Bull Pen:

My boyfriend recently proposed, and we have started discussing our wedding plans.

We are talking about having a cash bar. He wants to pocket the money from the bar and use it for our honeymoon and home repairs. I told him having a cash bar is tacky. He disagrees and says it's good business even if it's our wedding.

My boyfriend's brother thinks the cash bar is a brilliant idea. Can you ask your audience who they side with -- me or him?


So who's right, Bull Pen jurors? The prospective groom or the bride-to-be?

We'll settle it in Couples Court this week.


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