A picture's worth a thousand words, they say. But what if they're words your girlfriend doesn't want to hear?

That's kind of the problem this week's Couples Court plaintiff is having ...

So I have always kept pictures of my past friends, experiences, trips, etc. Also included: pictures of my past girlfriends. I’ve been dating the same girl for almost six years now and I love her more than anything. However, she says the fact that I keep these pictures hurts her feelings terribly.
I never look at them -- they are stored in a box in my closet. I just know that one day down the road I will be glad I have them.
Is it fair for her to get so mad at me for keeping these, and to ask me to throw them out?


Dicey one. Is the girlfriend asking too much, or is he being unreasonable? Say he throws out the photos, but then loses his girlfriend later?

We're guessing this case will raise a lot of questions in Judge Michele Mathews' courtroom.

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