I've been a loyal customer of DirecTV for YEARS. I've had no complaints about them as a TV provider, until as of late.

As DirecTV customers, we've been without FOX for over six months. In fact, it was Feb. 22 that Northwest Broadcasting, which owns our local FOX affiliate, FOX 41 Yakima, issued a statement notifying customers what had happened. The statement said: "ATT/Directv made the calculated choice to deprive their customers of the local television stations provided by Northwest Broadcasting everywhere Northwest does business." You can read the full statement here.

To be 100% honest, I was fine without FOX over the summer. I was able to catch up on FOX programming online. But, now that we are into football season, and FOX broadcasts the Seattle Seahawks, I'm anxious to get FOX 41 back on my TV.

I called DirecTV with my concern, and they notified me that they were negotiating with Northwest Broadcasting and that they want to ensure low rates for customers, etc., etc. Which I can respect, but COME ON. It's been over six months now. Why aren't DISH & Charter having an issue with Northwest Broadcasting? The phone representative didn't have an answer for me on that question.

The end result of that phone call with DirecTV was them sending me an over-the-air antenna that I plug into the back of my receiver. I was satisfied with that as it was free of charge. When the antenna arrived, I tried to install it, yet I didn't receive a signal. I live out in Yakima County outside of Selah. I'm just out of antenna shot apparently.

So my options are to watch the game at a friend's house, at a bar, or just switch TV providers. As far as the switching TV provider thing goes, my contract with DirecTV is up on Sept. 27 ... so switching wouldn't be an issue. I just might do that.

Switching is becoming more and more attractive now because as of two weeks ago, KNDO is also blacked out on DirecTV. So no FOX and no NBC. Why would I stay with DirecTV?

If you're a DirecTV customer, how are you handling the channel blackouts?

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