It's been just over a week since DirecTV and Viacom couldn't reach a deal . . . which led to all of the Viacom channels including MTV, VH1, Comedy Central, Nick, and BET disappearing from DirecTV.

Viacom ALSO pulled streaming episodes of their shows off the Internet, including "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report".  Yesterday morning, they ended THAT ban, and put the episodes back online.  The fight with DirecTV is still going.

On Monday, "The Daily Show" was back after a two-week hiatus, and JON STEWART criticized Viacom and DirecTV.

"Viacom, DirecTV, what are you doing here?  You've got ad campaigns blaming people for taking the shows away.  Telling people to rise up and demand it like it's some kind of basic cable Arab Spring.

"I've got news for you.  It's not.  None of this matters.  None of this is indispensable."

Viacom said their decision to put the shows back online WASN'T because Stewart blasted them . . . they did it as a promotional tool because the "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" were coming back with new episodes.

As far as DirecTV/Viacom negotiations go... sounds like progress is being made, but there's always a bump of sorts.  Earlier today, DirecTV tweeted: "Viacom’s current statement on our negotiations is completely inaccurate, read more.." and it directs followers to a website created for updates on the situation (

Speaking of Twitter, there is quite the 'Twitter War' going on between DirecTV and Viacom and their followers.  DirecTV (@DirecTV) is encouraging followers to use the hash tag #DirecTVHasMyBack when tweeting.

Viacom (@Viacom) has a website created as well ( and is using the hash tag #TimeToSwitch in the majority of their tweets.


Other notable news in regards to the DirecTV/Viacom negotiations:

-Time Warner and Cox Broadcasting have come forward and are siding with DirecTV and their stance.

-Wall Street noted that the Disney Channel has seen a ratings increase during this ordeal as DirecTV customers cannot watch Nickelodeon.

-A group of DirecTV customers started a petition at to support DirecTV in negotiations with Viacom.  As of Wednesday, there are 17,082 supporters.



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