I've had DirecTV for YEARS. Going back to 2006, when I moved to Rapid City, S.D., for my first radio gig away from home, which was Seattle. I signed up for DirecTV because of the NFL Sunday Ticket, which allowed me to watch my beloved Seattle Seahawks every Sunday. Without it, I would have only been able to watch the Seahawks when they were on national television.

I've never had an issue with DirecTV. Fast forward to September 2019. Our local Fox affiliate, KCYU, has been blacked out for 6-plus months while contract negotiations are underway. And two weeks ago our local NBC affiliate, KNDO, was removed from our channel lineup for the same reasons.

TSM/Gunner. Pic of KNDO/Yakima on Directv.
TSM/Gunner. Pic of KNDO/Yakima on Directv.

Without Fox, I can't watch the Seattle Seahawks or any other Fox programming. Without KNDO, I can't watch "Sunday Night Football," "The Voice" or any other NBC programming.

I've tried an over-the-air TV antenna to try and get the local Fox and NBC stations, but I don't have reception at my house.

I've called DirecTV several times over the last few weeks asking about a resolution and when the channels would become available. They don't have a date as it is ongoing.

My contract with DirecTV was up on Sept. 28, so I pulled the trigger and canceled DirecTV. I had Dish Network come out, and now I have Fox and NBC back. So far so good!

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